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Commercial Roofing Inspections

The foundation of good roof service is regular inspections.

We will customize an inspection protocol that meets your budgetary needs and the demands of your facilities. During inspections, we document and photograph all areas. We track wear and look for weakening roof sections or issues that need immediate attention. We clean drains, remove debris and caulk minor areas of concern as part of the regular inspection.

  • Average Lifespan of a Roof
  • Roofs without Maintenance: 11 years
    Average Maintenance Cost
    $.25 per square foot

    Roofs with Maintenance Contracts: 21 years.
    Average Maintenance Cost
    $.14 per square foot

Experience has proven that preventative maintenance is beneficial for your roof and your budget.

Preventative maintenance costs less than repairs and extends the life of a roof by addressing problems before they escalate into damaging leaks. Our team will develop a customized preventative maintenance program to keep your roof functioning properly, saving you money and avoiding the headaches associated with leaks.

Certified Commercial Roofers

Our roofers and project managers are factory certified in all major commercial roofing systems.

Certification requires ongoing education and training, as well as documented annual performance in a roofing system to maintain skills and stay current with emerging technologies. Certification is essential to ensure repairs are done properly to maintain warranty coverage. So, never let an un-certified roofing company work on your building.

Roof Leak Repair

If a leak occurs, rapid response is essential.

Our team is on call 24-7 for emergencies. We will work closely with you to evaluate the scope of a leak and implement the right solution. GRS is approved by the leading industry warranty claims centers to determine the cause of a roof leak and allocate responsibility. We will assess your case for material or installation defects and make sure you get the warranty coverage you deserve.

Emergency Roofing Services

Your roof takes a beating. That’s its job.

Blistering heat, freezing cold, driving rain and high winds challenge your roof all year long. We have teams deployed across New England who will respond 24-7 to customers with weather related roof damage. We also recommend getting ahead of the storm, with a program for periodic inspections that identify and remedy weak spots so they withstand seasonal challenges.

Roof Waterproofing

Your whole building needs to be protected from water infiltration.

If there is a weakness in a building’s roof, envelope or foundation, water will eventually exploit that weakness and enter the building. Experts at our subsidiary, The Water Proofing Company, can identify potential waterproofing issues on existing buildings, or buildings under design, then implement the right solution to protect your facility.