Keeping Firefighters Safe and Dry in Haverhill

In the city of Haverhill, Massachusetts, the 94-year-old Central Fire Station is home to dedicated firefighters who stand ready to protect the public, 24-7. Now, those first-responders are sheltered under a new roof designed and installed by the Greenwood team.

“After decades of suffering with a leaky roof and drafty windows, firefighters are finally seeing an end to the problems,” wrote reporter Mike LaBella, in a May 12, 2021 article in the Eagle Tribune.

Greenwood Roofing Services (GRS) began serving the city of Haverhill in 2018, maintaining and repairing roofs on several municipal buildings. Tackling the major roof issues at the Central Fire Station took a coordinated effort with city officials and the design-build division of GRS parent company Greenwood Industries.

Greenwood’s Project Manager Gregory Lawlor led the fire station roof job, which was completed on-time and on-budget. “This is the best the station has looked in years,” Haverhill Firefighter Michael Zaino told the Eagle Tribune.