Greenwood Earns Gold Safety Award 2020
Greenwood Earns Gold Safety Award 2020
Roofing Maintenance and Repairs

Maintenance & Services

Preventative maintenance costs less than repairs and extends the life of a roof by addressing problems…

Emergency Weather Roofing Services

Emergency Weather Services

We have teams deployed across New England who will respond 24-7 to customers…

Repairs Fixed Right

A scheduled roof inspection or maintenance call may discover an issue that needs repair…

Your Roof
in the Cloud

There’s no guesswork about your roof maintenance or repair projects when you use GRSt our interactive web-based roof management app.

Use the app to request service, track scheduled calls, or view photos and comprehensive reports about the work done. You’ll have visibility about future work required on your sites, and can review repair and maintenance quotes, schedule work, and process invoices. All from your mobile device or desktop computer 24-7.

GRSt takes the stress out of managing your roof projects.

Greenwood’s Responsive Service Tool

GRS Responsive Service Tool